Board Members

lazarouAntonis Lazarou – Chairman
He comes from the occupied village Pigi of Famagusta and he is a dancer in the group since 1977.




rothChristos Roti-Vice President




kythreotouEllie Kythreotou – Secretary
She comes from the occupied village of Traxoni of Nicosia and she is in the group since 2007.









elenaElena Georgiou – Member
She comes from the occupied town of Famagusta and she is in the group since 2000. She studied dance in Bulgaria and she is a dance teacher in the dance school since 2009.




SKEVI KATSANTONI ISSASkevi Katsantoni-Member




loukaKoullis Louka – Member
He comes from the village of Kiti of Larnaca and he is in the group since 2011.




AGGELA KONSTANTINOUAggela Konstantinou-Member





LOUKIA LAZAROULoukia Lazarou-Member
Κατάγεται απο την Πηγή και την Γιαλούσα και είναι στον όμιλο απο το 2000. Σπούδασε Μουσικός και απο το 2015 είναι η μουσικη υπεύθυνος του μουσικού τμήματος του Ομίλου




PAVLOS LAZAROUPavlos Lazarou-Member





11912994_950081395052383_722047267_n - CopyNiki Konstantinou-Member

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