After our island was divided in two parts by the Turkish illegal invasion and occupation of 34% of the land of Cyprus in 1974, the term «Reapproachement» has since been introduced in our everyday vocabulary. Unfortunately, the Turkish occupation is being continued until today. Thus, the people of Cyprus – consisted by 82% Greek and 18% Turkish Cypriots – are rudely divided and ever since they live separated in North and South Cyprus.

We share the same feelings with our Turkish Cypriot compatriots and we cooperate in a brotherly way organizing together events and performances. We have lived together for centuries and we feel we both belong to this country and we have the right to continue to live together in peace without the intrusion of any foreigners.

Our intension is to prove we can live together. We would like to convince that we have too much in common and above all, we have common tradition and culture. Greek and Turkish Cypriots are Cypriots. Moreover, our dances and songs indicate we have a lot in common and very few are the different elements in the tradition of the two communities. Our activities indicate that in Cyprus there is only one people.

In matters of reapproachement our club is on the lead. To be precise, our club has participated in dozens of bi-communal events both in the free and the occupied areas as in Pergamos, Pila, Ledra Pallas, Larnaca, Tziaos, Kithrea, Trachonas and elsewhere. Furthermore, we pioneered in the establishment of the bi-communal group «Steps of the Peace». In 2004, we established the bi-communal group «Cyprus», which is consisted of the group «ΒΑΣΙΛΙΤΖΙΑ» and the Turkish Cypriot group «TUFAT». They have organized and continued to organize together many events and activities under the slogan «ONE COUNTRY-ONE CULTURE».